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Having a regular exercise not only boosts your self confidence and gives you an excuse for a new wardrobe, but it also lowers ones risk of developing around 2 dozen physical and mental health conditions.

- Regular moderate to intense physical activity is linked to decreasing the risk of coronary heart disease and ischaemic and hemorrhagic stroke.

-There is various studies that suggests that a person's increased physical activity can reduce the risk of cancers, osteoporosis, type two diabetes, depression, obesity, and high blood pressure.

-Increased activity is now one of the primary prevention and management of a cancer, since it was been associated with lower cancer death rates.

- Research has found that cycling or walking for at least one and a half hour a day is linked to cancer reduction in which the cancer incidence falls by 16%.

- Evidence suggests that men who are active at work and not just sitting at a desk have a lower risk of prostate cancer and erectile problems.

- Some suggestions that people should take are...

          -Healthy adults aged between 18 and 65 should do approximately 150 minutes of moderate intense physical activity a week. People that who choose to do a more intense workout such as jogging should aim for a 20 minute workout 3 days a week.

          -People who are already physically active should go on with that activity when they become middle aged or elderly, since exercise helps the elderly maintain their balance and flexibility.

All this leads us to the conclusion that men and women of all ages should be more physically active for the sake of their long-term health.