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Portable Far Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna 

---Our Office Will Now Feature Far infrared Sauna Treatments Come In And Detox To Cleanse Your Whole Inside And Out From Top To Bottom---Far Infrared Therapy: The Healing Effects Of The Sun, Without The Risks---Therapeutic Effects:---(Detoxification-Our Bodies Are Under Constant Attack From Toxins We Encounter Every Day In Our Environment-We Come Into Contact with Toxins In Our Water,Our Food, In Our Air In the Cleaning Products That We Use, In The Soil That Our Food Is Grown In, And Even In The Meat We Purchase At The Grocery Store- They Are Everywhere- The Very Troubling Aspect Is Our Bodies Are Not Built To Accomodate The Load Of Toxins With Which It Is Forced To Contend The Overload Of Toxins Is Stored In Our Bodies, Often In Our Fat Cells Just Below Our Skins Surface  Often The Toxins Linger There For Months, Even Years, And Our Bodies Are Ill-Equiped To Dispose Of This Toxic Overload  One Of The Most Important And Health Restoring Advantages Of Far Infrared Therapy Is Its Ability To Help Detoxify The Body (Ridding It Of Its Damaging Envirenmental Pollutants)  (Cardiovascular Conditioning and Weight Loss)---(Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease, And Arteriosclerosis Are Benefited By Decreased Blood Pressure And Improved Circulation)---(Rheumatoid Arthritis-People Suffering From Rheumatoid Arthritis Have Found Tremendous Relief From Pain, And Dramatically Increased Range Of Motion)---(Pain Relief-Muscle Spasms Reduced And Underlying Skeletal, Joint, And Neuropathological Conditions Are Also Relieved)---(Edema-Aids In Reduction Of Water Retention, Swelling, and Pain Associated With Edema)---(Cancer Treatment-Far Infrared Is Currently Being Studied For A Variety Of Cancers)---(Natural Mood Elevator-Researchers Have Found Deep Heat Is A Natural Relaxant, And Creates A Feeling Of Calm And Wellbeing)---(Other Natural  Benefits-Deep Infrared Has Been Shown To Have Numerous Other Positive Natural Side Effects, In Addition To The Profound  Medical And Health-Related Benefits Studied By Researchers- Among These Is Its Use As A Beauty Treatment-Beauticians Have Long Known That Deep Heat Is An Excellent Skin Detoxifier Due To The Cleansing Effects Of Sweat-As Circulation Is Improved At The Skin's Surface, Skin Tone And Elasticity Is Greatly Improved, Decreasing The Appearance Of Lines And Wrinkles, And Improving Complexion-Whats's More,Wounds Heal Faster With Less Scarring)---(Another Little Recognized Benefit Is That Infrared Therapy Brings A Significant Elevation In The Level Of Growth Hormone In The Body-This Hormone Is Critically Important To Help Maintain Lean Body Mass, Including Muscle-It Also Plays A Significant Role In Muscle Tone And Conditioning-For Those Working To Stay Fit, This Additional Boost In Growth Hormone Is A Significant Benefit Of This Exciting Therapy)---The Extraordinary And Superior Benefits Of The Far Infrared Therapy Saunas Can Be An Important And Highly Beneficial Component Of Your Overall Health Care Strategy