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If you have never experienced color light terapy, you are in for a real treat. The colors we use and what they can be used for come from a book by Darius Dinshah called Let There Be Light. All the information you need to learn about color and its uses is available at the Darius Dinshah Society. We use the following colors with light probes: Red-Orange-Yellow-Lemon-Green-Turquoise-Blue-Indigo-Violet-Purple-Magenta-and Scarlet. The light source we use is a set of warm and cool wide-spectrum white light LEDS inside the probes.

This method of treatment has many benefits, including but not limited to: ELR (a color light beauty treatment) Stimulation of the sensory nervous system which energizes the senses: sight, hearing, touch,taste and smell (Red is the sensory energizer color) Relieves cramps and muscle spasms (Orange is the antispasmodic color) Stimulates the motor nervous system which energizes the muscles (Yellow is the nerve builder for sensory and motor systems) Promotes coughing to expel mucus from the lungs and air passages (Lemon is the expectorant color) Destroys Micro-organisms (Green eradicates germs, bacteria, cleans and prevents decay) Skin tonic (Turquoise rebuilds burned skin) Relieves itching and irritation of abraded surfaces (Blue is an antipruritic, demulcent) Eases suffering, lessens excitment and over-activity (Indigo is the sedative color) Decreases activity of the nervous systems (Violet is the sedative color) Pain Management (Purple is the color that decreases sensitity to pain) Builds and equilibrates the functional activity of the heart,blood,kidneys and adrenals and reproductive system (Magenta is the emotional equilibrator color) and the general stimulator (Scarlet is the color that raises the functional activity of the arteries) This is just a small sampling of the many ways in which Color-Light therapy is applied. Our office will be open on Thursdays for patients that need this therapy. sessions last 30 minutes and cost the same as acupuncture.