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  Dear Friend,

Someone cares about you and your health.  Many of us go through life living with headaches, back pain and stiffness or the general run-down feeling.  Frequently people say I have "Normal Headaches" "it's my job" or "it's just stress."  At Patty Johnson's Acupuncture & Herbs we know pain is not normal.  We specialize in health restoration and pain relief. You deserve to live your life to its fullest without pain.  This Fall we are devoting our time to determine if you too can find a better life with the help of Acupuncture care.  We are offering a thorough Acupuncture TCM work-up, and a report of personal findings verbally. The evaluation will let you know how your body is coping with physical, chemical, and emotionalstresses of life.  After your examination we will meet with you to personally discuss options of care available to either restore or expand your health.  Call now 909-989-3223 and make the first step toward better health.  




Healthy regards, 

Patty Johnson,  L.Ac.