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Energy Light Rejuvenation

Energy Light Rejuvenation

Energy Light Rejuvenation Benefits

1)  Improves skin texture, color and clarity and tone.

2)  Stimulates the skin's natural collagon and elastin production.

3)  Reduces inflammation, clears acne.

4)  Promotes better cellular metabolism.

5)  Can be used for same day special occasions.

6)  Helps reduce puffiness, bags and sagging.

7)  Smoothes and reduces visible wrinkles.

8)  Lifts and opens drooping eyelids.

9)  Unique skin products for use with Energy Light Rejuvenation.

10)  Increases self-esteem and promotes total well-being and relaxation.


Skin is the largest organ we have--it reproduces itself with new skin cells every 28 days.

  • Triple Molecular Adhesion--3 stages to target the skin on cellular level.
  • Nano-Technology--100,000 times smaller than an ion.  Ingredients are so small they penetrate through your skin to the level of the dermis, where the basal cells are born (the repair area).
  • Colloidal minerals (carry an electrical charge) nourish the skin cells from the inside of the basal layer to the outer epidermis.
  • Basal cells produced at this level must be nourished with proper minerals in order to produce healthy skin. (American Longevity)
  • Trace minerals are vital to the body process-- important for human nutrition and disease.
  • They act as catalysts in cellular enzyme reactions to ensure normal metabolic exchanges.  More recently there has come to be understanding of the key roles they play in skin and hair metabolism. (B. Idson 1990).
  • Enzyme activity often is greatly influenced by the presence of trace minerals or vitamin derivatives (S. Rothman, Physio T. Biochem of Skin, Univ. of Chicago Press--1954)
  • Recently topical application of mineral complexes has come to be appreciated and used for skin care. Highly noted for reduction of inflammation and redness.



ELR ProducI Information

Cleaner-- Great for sensitive skin.  Eliminates toxins.

Gel-- A precise blend of gem essence and minerals formulated to reduce surface tension and provide optimal conductivity and healing during treatment.

Mudd Mask-- Deep cleanses pores, tightens and tones skin.

Moisturizer-- 5% more collagen added + DMAE.  Brings moisture from the inside out.  .

Renewal cream-Rejuvenates and renews skin.

Microamp (low intensity) range- also known as microcurrent
therapy utilizes a non-pulsed square or sloped wave form
with a very low amperage current.  Microcurrent treatment
is often used with stylus type probes giving brief stimulation
to multiple points. 

Q:  What make different from other beauty treatments?

A:  The most important difference is that ELR works from

    the inside as well as the outside to reduce inflammation

    and stimulate regeneration of healthy skin tissue. ELR is the
    key to maintaining healthy skin tone to utilize techniques
    that work in harmony with the natural processes of the
    human energy body. Combined with our powerful skin
    products the system is much more effective and
    lasting than any other anti-aging process available today. 

Q:  What is ELR and is it safe?

A:  The electro medical techniques employed in ELR have
    been used for treatment of conditions including Bell's
    palsy,sinusitis, tension headaches, and much more. 
    The cosmetic enhancement benefits were discovered as a
    side benefit when treating these conditions. Microcurrent
    is completely safe and non-invasive.  It works in harmony
    with the natural energy systems of the human body. 

Q:  What is Light/Sound therapy?

A:  Light (color) and sound have remarkable healing effects
    on the body.  Microcurrent and colored light selected
    according to individual body types delivered to specific
    acu-points and muscle areas of the face and body, along
    with harmonious audible tones yield positive and lasting

Q:  What makes your Skin products different?

A:  ELR Skin products are in a class of their own,
    as they were specifically developed to assist in
    microcurrent ELR beauty, light and sound frequency
.Our products ultilize only pure and natural

    healing ingredients that unlock and release the healing
    processes of the body. 

Q:  How many sessions are required?

A:  Depending on the individual case 10-20 sessions, over a
    8-12 week period. More sessions are required for
    smokers,the elderly and those in poor health.

ELR therapy is a total
solution to maintaining optimum healthy skin tone that is the
direct reflection of inner well being.  ELR
is unique in that it combines several powerful beautifying
and energy balancing modalities into one streamlined system.
These include microcurrent electrical stimulation through
acu-points, color and sound therapies, massage and
specifically formulated facial and skin products. The
result is beautiful,glowing skin in a relaxed energized body.
You feel good about yourself and it shows.