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In honor of Independence day we are offering a Firecracker special spa package from July 1st until July 31th. This package will include a full facial treatment with color light therapy, an acupuncture treatment for whatever pain or stress you are experiencing, farinfrared warming light to melt the knots in your muscles, and a hot wax treatment on your back. Total value of this complete package is $205, but for this month only you can experience total relaxation and over three hours of personal pampering for only $175. Be prepared to spend 3 to 4 hours with us to accomplish your total rejuvenation. Great news for planning your holiday gifting. we are having a Christmas in July gift certificate sale with savings of over 50% when you buy the yearly package.


We are still creating a heart wellness wallet card for you and a beautiful pin you can wear that says how much you love acupuncture. Your new wellness card will benefit you by giving you a free treatment every eleventh visit. On this note, I have experienced great results in the Summer on improving heart health with acupuncture and herbs, so don't wait! Start your heart tuneup ASAP. We decided to make a difference in your heart health after listening to Dr. Jandial on television reporting on the latest research concerning stress induced heart attacks. He stated that many heart attacks could be prevented by reducing stress levels, something I always tell my patients. If you are stressed, in pain, feeling down; or just plain worn out remember that acupuncture is not only health care it is Life Care! Be sure to come in for a tune up and stress relief treatment to help keep your heart healthy.

To make your life easier we have online scheduling available now, just go to to schedule online or right from your phone.

IEHP as well as most major insurances are accepted at our office, call us today to see if you are covered.

Try Acupuncture! Feel the difference! This amazing medical care can provide your whole health care needs. Awaken your internal innate functions with acupuncture and herbal wellness programs this Summer. Your personalized program will be designed and customized to produce vibrant rejuvenation, on all levels; so your inner beauty will radiate to each cell and affect your whole being.

Summer is here, so we need to get ready for hot weather especially here in Southern California. we decided to help our patients feel good about working out even when the Weather is hot. So, we have created a special coupon good for the month of July to treat the whole family to some great tension relieving treatments. These services will melt your knots away using acupuncture, cold therapy, then far infrared heat and soothing micro current to relax you to the max. I guarantee you will leave the office more relaxed than when you arrived. Our office also has exercise equipment including a treadmill, a total gym xl, a leg exerciser and a bicycle which our patients can train on while they are receiving treatment to gain more mobility and lose inches and pounds. You may have heard or read that the latest research states that exercise is as effective as medication for reducing pain. Doctors are even starting to write exercise prescriptions. Our new patients are welcome to come in and use our exercise equipment as they are receiving their treatment.


Summer Wellness Letter

Dear Prospective patients,

Are you ready for a whole body health renewal? If your answer is yes, then we are your best choice in 2017 

As your prospective Acupuncturist, I encourage you to start this Summer off with health and wellness. One of my goals is to help as many people, like you, become well and stay healthy, naturally, with acupuncture care.

One way for me to ensure my support in your well being is to remind you to swing by for a checkup, and to check in so we can share what's new for 2017.

Resolve to kick your Summer off on a healthy note, call for an appointment today. Phone (909) 989-3223.

Wishing you good health this spring,

Patty Johnson, L.Ac.

Acupuncture is a powerful health resource to ease you into a relaxed state of mind it lowers stress, alleviates anxiety, and rejuvenates and balances your body, mind and spirit

Reasons to try Acupuncture

1 in 3 Americans use some form of contemporary/alternative medicine. Why aren't you?

Acupuncture can treat both physiological and psychological disorders.  Some of the common psychological disorders treated through acupuncture include stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

It's painless in most instances, contrary to what some people may believe.  In fact, it's actually quite calming and relaxing, as it activates your body's natural self healing process.

Great News for the Inland Empire! Patty Johnson, L.Ac., HHP is opening a brand new clinic in Rancho Cucamonga! Patty's new Clinic will be THE health care solution you are searching for. Meet with me at the Center for Health and Wellness Check out the new Clinic at 8645 Haven Ave., Suite 550 in Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730 Walk-in's are welcome from 9-5

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Auriculotherapy is a very effective treatment

What Our Acupuncturists Treat:  Orthopedic Injuries - Auto Accidents - Sports Injuries - Neck & Back Pain - Arthritis - Migraines - Allergies - PMS - Menopause - Impotence- Eczema - Acne - Addiction Care - Anti-aging treatments and much, much more

Newsflash: Summer Rejuvenation Package 

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In celebration of the Summer
I would like to offer family's
a holistic wellness package that includes:

30 minutes of relaxing acupuncture +15 minutes of soothing micro current 15 minutes of soft, gentle, and warm FarInfrared light 

Over one hour of pure relaxation for only $60.00 ! Available

Saturday July 1st, until Monday July 31th.


Call (909)989-3223) or (909)360-3201 to book your package today.

Patty Johnson's Acupuncture and Herbs 

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Hi, this is Patty Johnson and I'd like to thank you for visiting our website, where you will discover some excellent resources to help you overcome chronic health concerns, pain, or stress, so you can enjoy a higher quality of life. Whether you are looking for all-natural ways to heal specific health issues or your want general life enhancement you are in the right place. We have helped many people with similar we would be happy to help you as well. Thanks again for visiting and I look forward to meeting you soon.

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Anti-aging treatments are so relaxing

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Contact Patty Johnson's Acupuncture for acupuncture services and holistic medicine treatments: Detox treatments are our specialty including Ionic foot bath, sauna, Massage therapy, and Herbal Detox Formulas for your liver, kidneys, and general overall health for everyone from pediatric to geriatric patients.

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1st. Visit Free For All Military Personnel Returning From Afghanistan.  No charge for firefighters fighting the Rancho Cucamonga fires. Come in and detox, relieve tension, stress, reduce irritability, & increase productivity.

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